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Is Romney clairvoyant? Obama gets 47% in latest Gallup poll (yes, really!)


Irony has a way of making its way into presidential politics. Either that or contender Mitt Romney is clairvoyant (I'm opting for the latter). Consider that at least one of the controversial claims made by the Republican candidate during his now-infamous leaked speech at a private fundraiser back in May is now being substantiated (at least for the time being).

Allow me to explain.

Gallup's latest poll has Romney coming in at 46 percent among registered voters. Obama, on the other hand, is at 47 percent. Now, if you haven't yet connected the dots, let's explore the ongoing "scandal" surrounding Romney's comments at that dinner.

As you may recall, in the secret video footage that Mother Jones has slowly leaked, clip-by-clip, Romney told the audience that 47 percent of the population will choose President Barack Obama in November, no matter what. He said that he cannot waste his time caring about these individuals, as he'll "never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives."

"All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it,” he said “That, that’s an entitlement. And the government should give it to them. And they will vote for this president no matter what…"

So, there you have it. Ironically, just one day after months-old footage of Romney emerged predicting that 47 percent of the nation would lazily select Obama, it appears the Republican contender might be on to something. Whether that 47 percent will hold for the president until election day -- well, we'll have to wait and see.

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