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Mother Claims Walmart Clerk Refused to Sell Her a Shotgun Because She's a ‘Petite Young Woman\


"He threatened me with the FBI and accused me of purchasing the gun for 'someone else.'"

A woman was allegedly told she c (Photo: Cabela's)

Is there such a thing as "too much" gun for a woman?  That's what one Walmart employee in Clarksville, IN, implied when he "firmly refused" to sell a Mossberg 930 to petite Prayse Dangler, she claims.

Not only that, but primarily based on her size, the employee allegedly threatened to call the FBI and asserted that she was really buying the gun for someone else.

Dangler explained what happened on her Facebook page (via the Firearm Blog):

"Yesterday at Walmart I tried to buy a shotgun to keep at the house with me when Brad is gone. We live in the heart of downtown New Albany where there is a lot of foot traffic, and we believe that me having a reliable way to protect myself and our baby when Brad isn't here is just a responsible thing to do. 

Here's the kicker though. The man behind the counter looked at me in disbelief when I pointed out the beefy Mossberg 930 Tactical weapon... The man then proceeded to interrogate me about what I wanted it for and how it would be used. He said that I didn't hold it right and that I needed "something else better suited to you". He put it back in the case and firmly refused to sell it. - All because I am a petite young woman!

He threatened me with the FBI and accused me of purchasing the gun for "someone else" - namely my husband who was with me. My husband informed him that IF he was the one that would be primarily using the gun then he would have bought it himself... [Emphasis added]

Both are legally able to own a gun, she writes, and she has personally owned two pistols.  Regardless, she says, "the man refused to sell the gun to me and the passive manager escorted us out of the store."

Dangler's Facebook post concludes: "My husband is furious that my rights as a woman to lawfully purchase a sturdy home defense weapon, were trampled by this sexist man simply because the gun looked like too much for me! And I'm horrified that this man made me out to be some criminal for wanting to purchase a gun myself..."

A number of gun blogs are similarly upset, pointing out that Americans have the right to own a gun regardless of sex, race, stature, etc.

But was the Walmart employee egregiously out of line in suggesting something "better suited" for the worst-case scenario Dangler described?

Natalie Foster from The Girl's Guide to Guns weighed in on the situation, via NRA News:

"I want to give this [Walmart employee] the benefit of the doubt at least a little bit," Foster commented.  "With all the straw purchasing and everything that's been going on with Fast and Furious...I understand if he's trying to prevent straw purchasing, but it seems like he was just being arrogant and ignorant."

What do you think?  Was the employee wildly out of line for both pointing out that the large weapon may not be best suited to her needs, and then accusing her of "straw purchasing" the weapon when she persisted?

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