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Teen Gets Jail Time After Joke About Drunken Hit-and-Run on Facebook


"I didn't think 'lol' would put me in jail"

A Kentucky teen spent two days in jail after joking about a drunken hit-and-run on her Facebook page, WAVE relates.

"My dumba** got a DUI and hit a car LOL," 18-year-old Paula Asher reportedly wrote after crashing into a car that had four people in it.  "LOL" is a common acronym on social media for "laugh out loud."

LEX18 has more:

Some parents of the teenagers in the other car read the comments and told the court. That's when Phelps ordered Asher to close her Facebook account, but she didn't. "I really wasn't trying to make fun of (the crash)," claims Asher.

The judge found Asher in contempt of court and put her in jail for two days when she ignored the order and kept her Facebook account. "I had to go pull my time in," said Asher. "I did and they said I'm not allowed to have Facebook." [Emphasis added]

NBC notes that it is unclear which law the judge cited when ordering Asher to disable her Facebook account, but it is possible that she was ordered not to discuss the case.

On top of driving under the influence while underage and possessing a controlled substance, Asher was also charged with leaving the scene of an accident.  She is due to appear in court on September 27th.

Asher has apologized to everyone, including the judge, reports indicate.

"I apologize to everybody...I apologize to the judge. I didn't mean to hurt anybody. I didn't think 'lol' would put me in jail," she reportedly said.

(H/T: Gawker)



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