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Motorists Film Unbelieveable Drunk-Driver...And End Up Aiding Police After It Ends in Head-On Collision


"He's f--king in the opposite lane"

Have you ever been driving late at night when you see a car recklessly swerving in front of you?  A number of young men Cocoa Beach, Florida had the experience recently-- but apparently in the middle of the day-- and it was so bad they started filming it.

"Look at this guy driving drunk right now," one said, coupled with expletives from his friends.

As the silver truck swerves to the left, one man explains that he's probably making a turn before his friend adds: "ya, but he's f**king in the opposite lane."

Then, right in front of them, the truck unexpectedly slams into a red car, pushing it through two lanes of traffic.  Somewhere in the confusion, a white SUV was clipped, too.

Watch the stunning video, below (content warning for language, in particular):

According to the video's description, the driver of the red car mercifully got away with nothing more than "nasty" cut on his head.  During a thirty-second break in the clip-- between the crash and when they got to the scene-- a bystander had already used his shirt as a makeshift bandage.  As for the occupants of the white SUV, apparently the only damage was "cosmetic."

The men who uploaded the video have more information:

The silver truck struck two cars: the red car head on, and the white SUV that it clipped. The red car was waiting to turn left and probably had no time to move out of the way. The driver of the red car is the one laying on the ground and got a nasty cut on his head ... Paramedics said he would be okay.

During the aftermath of the crash, a shirtless man fled from the scene of the crime and, thinking he was the drunk driver, the young men chased him down and turned him over to police.  However, the man was able to get rid of what appeared to be an open bottle of rum before they got to him.

The description notes:

The person who ran was NOT the driver, he was the passenger of the silver truck. We initially thought he was because we figured that's why he was running; however, he was running to throw a bottle of rum away. We couldn't find it because the person's backyard where he threw it was like a jungle.

The video has been watched more than 170,000 times since it was uploaded yesterday.

"Good jobs guys," one commenter wrote, saying more people need to do "the right thing."

(H/T: Gawker)

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