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Woman Breaks Down and Weeps During Paul Ryan Event: 'That's Why I'm Voting for You


"It's been really tough and I've found my values again..."

A Massachusetts woman broke down and wept during a Paul Ryan event as she told the vice presidential nominee why she is voting for him and Mitt Romney.

"It's been really tough and I've found my values again and that's why I'm voting for you," she said.

"I went to Harvard medical and dental school and what I saw there was something I've never seen on TV or in real life and that was people who had an amazing education and something they always worked hard for. But I never saw this kind of education, and I gave them the benefit of the doubt that they knew more than me," she said, her voice beginning to crack.

She continued: "And I graduated in '93 and I've been living in Massachusetts with very educated people only to find out that it's been really great but not the secret ingredient," almost completely overtaken by emotions at this point. "They've been telling me what to do, I've been helping people but they haven't become my friends. What does you daddy do? [they ask], he was an auto mechanic. 'Don't talk to me again.'"

The woman also took a shot at Elizabeth Warren and her assumption that because tax dollars pay for the roads, nobody is 100 percent responsible for the success of their business.

"When Elizabeth Warren shows me that those roads were not just built for a business man, because they were built for…everybody but it was me who got my education, I went to Harvard."

(H/T: BuzzFeed)

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