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New Coulter book: 'The media cry racist in a crowded theater


An advance copy of Ann Coulter's latest book Mugged: Racial demagoguery from the seventies to Obama has made its way to our doorstep.

Here's an excerpt from the chapter "The media cry 'racist' in a crowded theater":

As [President] Obama played peek-a-boo with accusations of racism, the media searched for the evidence. Unable to find anything, they flung accusations anyway. Suddenly everything was racist. The word "the" was racist. ...

The word "the" made the racist hit parade when Donald Trump said he had a "great relationship with the blacks." Ditto with basketball references -- also from Trump, after he advised Obama to get off the basketball court and deal with high oil prices. (Obama does play basketball a lot. Trump wasn't inventing that.)

But the main proof of racism was any criticism of Obama. The media's racism diving rod brought back all the worst elements of society that flourished before the OJ verdict.

Coulter's book hits stores Sept. 25.

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