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Bob Beckel Implies Romney Belongs to a Cult: 'I Know That Mitt Romney Doesn't Have a Cult -- Oh Wait, Maybe He Does


"You know, you're going to spark a riot and someone's going to get killed."

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Fox News' Bob Beckel is known for making verbal blunders. There was, of course, this incident. And then this one. Oh and there was that time that he delivered an on-air apology after calling Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney a "punk." The list goes on. But after last night's episode of "The Five," Beckel may find himself in need, once again, of delivering an "I'm sorry" to Romney after he suggested that the 2012 contender is part of -- or "has" -- a cult.

During a discussion about the Obama campaign's electoral efforts, co-host Greg Gutfeld was discussing what he sometimes sees as cult-like behavior. In particular, the host was speaking about the campaign's version of the American flag, repurposed with the president's official logo.

Gutfeld turned the conversation to Beckel, asking if those claiming that the flag is an incidence of desecration are overreaching. The liberal commentator answered, but then quickly turned the situation on Romney, making what some will certainly see as an inflammatory joke.

"Yeah, they're tone deaf. I don't know a campaign that doesn't use the American flag in one way or another," Beckel said, then diverting to make a supposed quip about Romney's The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints membership. "I know that Mitt Romney doesn't have a cult -- oh wait, maybe he does. I'm sorry, I take that back."

The response from his "The Five" co-hosts was swift.

"You know, you're going to spark a riot and someone's going to get killed," one of the hosts quipped, with the camera still focused on Beckel.

"What kind of cult would I be talking about?," Beckel then added.

Others jumped in, claiming that, perhaps the cult Beckel was referring to was the "cult of very handsome men" or the "cult of jawlines and hairlines."

Watch his comments and the hosts' other reactions, below:



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