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Homeowner's Association Suing Woman Over...Granddaughter's Pink Playhouse


“I will up and move before I repaint it."

A Georgia grandmother is being sued by her homeowner's association over the color of her granddaughter's playhouse.

It's pink.

Becky Rogers-Peck bought the playhouse for her 4-year-old granddaughter Aubree last Christmas in Aubree's favorite color, WAGT-TV reported. But the Mills Haven Homeowner’s Association is taking her to court because she didn't first get approval for the structure's color.

“The general reaction is, ‘Are you kidding me?’’’ Rogers-Peck told NBC News. “They’re suing you over a pink playhouse?’ They're policing us like we're in a communist country, and it's just ridiculous. Every once in a while, you’ve got to stand your ground."

The homeowner's association president has defended the move, saying it's had complaints from neighbors.

"Part of the approval is color. We didn't disapprove the playhouse, we disapproved the color," association president Susan Bradley told WAGT. "Obviously I had neighbors that complained about it."

But during a homeowner's association meeting earlier this month, other neighbors came to Rogers-Peck's defense.

“This is somebody’s personal property,” one resident said, according to WAGT. “If they want to have a pink playhouse, or a blue or a green playhouse, I’m fine with that.”

Rogers-Peck said it doesn't make sense that a few complaining neighbors should dictate for the majority. She said she agrees rules should be in place for homeowners looking to put up a new shed or garage, but said she considers the playhouse to be play equipment, like a trampoline or swing set.

Wright McLeod, the attorney representing the homeowner's association, said the rules must be followed.

"I don’t think it’s dumb," McLeod said. "I think it’s regrettable that the homeowner would not comply with the rules.”

The association has said Rogers-Peck can keep the playhouse if she repaints it, which she said is not an option.

"I will not paint that playhouse," she told the station. "I'll move first."

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