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Obama Vid Attacks Romney for Not Releasing More Tax Returns: 'What Else Is He Hiding?


"Why won't Mitt Romney come clean with the American people?"

(Photo: YouTube)

In early August, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) took to the Senate floor to assert that Mitt Romney hasn't paid his taxes for ten years.

"The word is out," he said, starting a firestorm of activity in the media.

A few days later, White House advisor Robert Gibbs assured the public that if Romney would just release the returns, the issue would be put to rest.

“Mitt Romney could go to Kinkos, he could photocopy his tax returns…he could hand them out to reporters all over the country, and you know what?  We wouldn’t talk about this tomorrow,” he told CNN's Candy Crowley.

However, now that Romney has released his tax return for 2011, the Obama "Truth Team" has released a video implying the Republican presidential nominee is secretive and dishonest.

Watch it, below:

After discussing Romney's Swiss bank accounts and overseas investments, the video asks: "Why won't Mitt Romney come clean with the American people?  What else is he hiding?"

The video also states that Romney bet against the dollar with a number of his investments, and has failed to match the precedent set by previous contenders for public office in the number of tax returns he is willing to release.

"This isn't overly personal here, guys," Obama commented during an August press conference. This pretty standard stuff. I do not think we are being mean to ask him to do what every other presidential candidate has done."

Romney campaign spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg was unmoved, however, and responded: “with a failed record marked by job loss and middle-class suffering, President Obama has nothing to offer but cheap political attacks."

She continued: “[Obama] once said politicians who can’t run on their record ‘make a big election about small things.’ With 23 million Americans struggling for work and Washington as broken as ever, President Obama has proven incapable of bringing the change he promised."

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