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Beck Explores: Who's Really Waging the War on Women? (Hint: It's Not Republicans)


"they know the war on women is a bogus distraction from real issues that matter."

On Tuesday night, Glenn Beck tackled the so-called "War on Women" and the ongoing claims by Democrats that Republicans are restricting women's rights. Rather than buying into these ideals, Beck posited another theory -- that perhaps it's the left that is going after females.

"I used to think all of that positioning was just about politics -- but I'm actually starting to think there really is a War on Women -- only it's not being waged by the Republicans," Beck proclaimed.

The host then went on to take aim at some comments that were recently made by the president's deputy campaign manager, Stephanie Cutter. On Monday, she made a statement about women and their general interest in presidential politics -- one that Beck derided.

"We’ll continue doing what we have been doing, trying to get the president’s message out on the ground. Whether it’s in the suburban areas of Northern Virginia, or Denver, Ohio, to talk about what the president wants to do in the future," Cutter proclaimed on NPR's "The Diane Rehm Show. "That’s the other thing that you find most often with women. They’re not really concerned about what’s happened over the last four years, they really want to know what’s going to happen in the next four years."

The notion that women aren't interested in what's going on in the country (or what has gone on, rather) led Beck to chastise Cutter for her words, calling the notion she espoused "an women."

"That’s right, women are just too disinterested or too feeble minded to analyze the past, to learn from it, and to make educated choices going forward based on those past experiences," he sarcastically said. "Apparently women are only impulse buyers. They only make decisions in the now."

Beck went on to say that, unlike Cutter, he knows that women are in-tune with what's been happening in the nation. Rather than buying into the rhetoric, the host said that "they know the war on women is a bogus distraction from real issues that matter."

"They know this, because they are the ones who are most often in the trenches and have felt the pain of the last four years probably more than anyone," he continued. "They are the ones that are shuffling the kids to and from practice, getting them to daycare...taking them to a friend's house or going to the doctor's office with them."

From gas prices to education failures, Beck maintained that women are well aware of the challenges facing the nation as well as all of the events that have unfolded over the past four years. While discussing these issues, Beck also mentioned the morning after pill being offered in New York City public schools and Mayor Michael Bloomberg's restrictions on formula feeding, among other purportedly troubling societal issues.

"Do they think moms aren’t concerned with a disturbing and growing pattern of a nanny state trying to steal all of their parental responsibilities?," Beck asked. "What foods to eat. What subjects to learn. What foods to feed the baby."

Beck noted that, all things considered, most women are certainly aware and paying attention to all that's been unfolding in the U.S. The so-called War on Women is being waged by individuals who believe that females simply cannot think for themselves, the host contended.

"If this is the plan for the next four years -- more of the same -- women do care very much about the last four years," Beck said.

Watch Beck describe these issues, below:

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