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Glenn Beck Challenges Americans to 'Do Something Great' in the 40 Days Until the Election


"Fill these days with purpose, don't let them slip away."

With the 2012 presidential elections just 40 days away, Glenn Beck called on his audience to "do something great" in the days leading up to Election Day.

"These next 40 days, they can be days of reconnection, of service, of hope, of love, of promise for a brighter tomorrow. They can be days of action, of determination, of real profound change and real hope, based in the only one that can give us hope. Rise up, rise up. Fill these days with purpose, don't let them slip away," Beck said.

He continued: "I am personally asking you to do something great with your life in the next 40 days. Pray, beg, beseech divine providence. Serve your fellow man, for then you are in the service of your God."

Watch Beck's monologue via TheBlazeTV here:

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