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How Did These Rappers Trick a High School Marching Band Into Allowing Students to Appear in Music Vid About Strippers?


“It’s just outrageous to think you have an individual take advantage of a school and students for a video"

At least six students from the Miami Northwestern Senior High School marching band were edited into a racy music video featuring Lil’ Wayne, 2 Chainz, and a number of strippers and prostitutes, the Miami Herald is reporting.

The marching band is well-known in the area, so when administrators were asked to give consent for a "drum-line type video," they say they had no idea it would be so inappropriate.

The teens were filmed in a separate location from where the musicians threw money and women spun around poles. Further, their faces are almost impossible to see in the background of the final product, but they are there nonetheless.

Furthermore, their uniforms are clearly visible.

“It’s just outrageous to think you have an individual take advantage of a school and students for a video,’’ Northwestern Principal Wallace Aristide said. “They’re playing their instruments and thinking it’s something innocent, wearing our uniforms, only later to find out they edited the video with racy content.”

He added: “Everyone has a heartache, the kids and the teachers and the Northwestern community.”

The Miami Herald adds:

School Board Attorney Walter Harvey is reviewing the video. The unauthorized use of the school’s logo is of particular concern, Schuster said.


The filming took place in August; band practice had started but school had not officially opened.

“They were filmed in front of a blue screen by themselves playing their instruments,” he said.

It wasn’t until last weekend that officials saw the true nature of the video. Twitter was also ablaze with commenters questioning the band’s role in it.

The Florida marching band is so-well known that it reportedly performed for an event featuring Barack Obama in 2008.

Needless to say, the school is anxious to get to the bottom of the matter.

School Board Member Dorothy Bendross-Mindingall declared: “We should hold them accountable and responsible...If I can find a way, they won’t get away with it.”

You can watch the "Bandz a Make Her Dance" video here (content warning: extreme language and content matter).


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