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L.A. Radio Stations Evacuated After Beeping Promotional Clocks Sent to Studio


Thanks to a couple of badly wrapped, beeping packages sent to deejays at a radio station in Los Angeles, a 27-story high rise office building on Wilshire Boulevard was evacuated as the bomb squad investigated.  The delivery of two curious and noisy packages for KTWV hosts Pat Prescott and Talaya Trigueros alarmed the station's receptionist. The police were called and the office building was cleared out.

The high-rise housed several businesses and four radio stations -- news outlet KNX, KRTH (oldies station K-Earth),  KFWB, and KTWV - Tweets from Jason Campadonia (the production director at KNX) were delivering breaking news on the story as other media outlets rushed to the scene.


An investigation by the bomb squad discovered that the packages were not dangerous. Each contained a promotional clock sent by BET to generate some attention for their new show with former CNN host TJ Holmes, a late night show called "Don't Sleep."

BET intended to generate a little on-air radio chatter for a new show launching next week. Thanks to a protective receptionist, they may have exceeded their stated goals.



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