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Obama camp: News media want 'comeback kid' story


Traveling to campaign in Virginia from Washington today, President Obama's team said the news media wants a "comeback kid story" for Mitt Romney.

"We know there are going to be twists and turns and ups and downs in this campaign," Obama press secretary Jen Psaki told news media aboard Air Force One. "We know we'll have them in the next 40 days as well. campaign we know we’ll have them it in the next 40 days as well. Mitt Romney has set it up and his team have set it up where they want the debate to be that moment for him. They fully expect that moment is going to be their turning point. We know people want to write a comeback kid story, so we’ll see if that happens."

Psaki was also asked to anticipate the worst case debate scenario for Obama. "Well, he could fall off the stage," she said.

[Quotes from White House pool report, written by Politico's Edward-Isaac Dovere]

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