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Tom Tancredo on 'Wilkow!': This President Should Have Been Impeached a Long Time Ago


Former Republican Congressman and runner-up in the 2010 Colorado gubernatorial election as a Constitution Party candidate, Tom Tancredo, joined "Wilkow!" Friday to discuss immigration; an area of policy where the former Congressman feels the president has especially failed.

Mexican President Felipe Calderon has recently made comments about U.S. state immigration laws, saying they "tend to criminalize those that are not committing a crime." Tom Tancredo has been an extremely vocal advocate for stronger border control and immigration policy that focuses on assimilation. On "Wilkow!" Friday, Tancredo criticized individuals outside of America who criticize American immigration policy, and argued that this is one of several issues where President Obama has ennacted policy that should result in impeachment.

"This Congress has no guts," said Tancredo Friday on Congress's failure to seek impeachment for the president. "It wouldn't do it because it's fearful of the reaction if we actually impeach a black President of the United States. That's the reason Andrew."

Watch Tancredo's remarks below:

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