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Someone at Fox News may have been fired due to failed tape delay in live suicide


The live tragedy that took place on Fox News last week may have ended in the firing of a news producer.

David Shuster, former MSNBC anchor who now works on Current TV, writes over at Huffingon Post:

I've anchored my share of live coverage over the years, including car chases. At MSNBC, I often prayed the "delay switch" would actually work as promised. And, I frequently wondered what I would do or say if a violent and graphic incident accidentally aired on my broadcast.

Shepherd Smith handled his show's mistake as well as any broadcaster could. He underscored, dramatically, that airing the suicide was inadvertent and unintentional. Furthermore, colleagues at Fox News tell me a producer at the channel is out of a job for failing to prevent the indecent video from leaving the control room.

If you missed it, on Friday a high-speed chase covered live on Fox News ended with the suspect shooting himself in the head. Fox mistakenly showed the entire incident before abruptly cutting to commercial. Shepard Smith, who was anchoring at the time, apologized for the network and said it was the result of a tape-delay issue.

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