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Newt: Obama's 'ability to invent things' can make debate 'very hard' for Romney


In an interview with Politico, Newt Gingrich essentially said that in Wednesday's debate Mitt Romney may have a tough time because President Obama is a skilled liar.

Gingrich said Romney’s demonstrated the most strength in [primary] debates when he went “two or three layers deep” in a “series of exchanges.”

Debating Obama, Gingrich said Romney should forget about who he’s on stage with.

“What will not work well with him is engaging in some sort of dance with Obama,” Gingrich said. “Obama’s ability to invent things and be articulate and be smooth and have a plausible line for 30 seconds is very, very high. If you try to dance with Obama it becomes very hard because he’s verbally very fast.”

Similarly, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said Sunday on ABC's This Week that Obama is "lying" in campaign ads that attack Romney's tax policy proposals.


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