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Current TV's Cenk Uygur & Eliot Spitzer Lament Obama's Debate Performance: 'Not a Good Night' & 'That Isn't the President People Want to See


"The performance tonight from President Obama isn't the guy we wanted to elect."

Immediately following the first presidential debate on Thursday night, Current TV's political panel was anything but enthusiastic about the results. In fact, most of the talking heads covering the event for the network seemed to indicate that they were majorly disappointed with President Barack Obama's performance.

Cenk Uygur, host of "The Young Turks" and Eliot Spitzer, host of "Viewpoint," were two of the more openly-negative commentators. As soon as the debate came to a close, Uygur joked about the people who had taken to the stage after the candidates finished.

"You're looking at Denver there, where there's people on stage looking for President Obama's mouthpiece," he quipped, joking about the Democratic contender's performance.

While he went on to say that he hopes the debates don't matter and that, regardless of how the candidates perform during the campaign, November is already decided in the president's favor, the pundit was candid about his fears.

"If they (the debates) matter, Romney did a great job tonight," Uygur proclaimed, later adding, "This was not a good night."

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Not long after Uygur's comments were made, former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer voiced his own alarm on the same broadcast.

"Here's why progressives should be worried. The performance tonight from President Obama isn't the guy we wanted to elect," Spitzer said. "We elected somebody who was strong, who had vision, who had capacity to articulate and energize people. That isn't the president people want to see...He's got to come back as a different person."

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