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Homophobic, Anti-Semite & a Racist': Ann Coulter & Civil Rights Activist Have Fiery Exchange on Current TV


"You're clearly a moron."

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter had a fiery exchange with author and activist Kevin Powell on Current TV Tuesday, with Powell telling Coulter she was "clearly a racist," and Coulter blasting back that he was "clearly a moron."

Those were just two of the insults that flew during Current's "Joy Behar: Say Anything!" as part of a discussion about Coulter's latest book, "Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama." Powell said Coulter "plays the race card" for each book, after which Coulter said Powell was calling her a liar, "without naming what the alleged lie is."

Responding to columnist George Will's recent suggestion that Obama would lose the election if he weren't black, Powell said it "speaks to the racial problems in this country, the racism in this country which is not dealt with accurately in this book because she’s making stuff up.”

"From a child pornographer," Coulter replied jokingly, trying to make a hyperbolic point.

"Stop that," Behar rebuked.

“No, not if he's going to keep calling me a liar without naming a lie," Coulter said.

Powell said it was "an outright lie" to say that racism doesn't exist in the U.S., which Coulter said she didn't say. As NewsBusters noted, Coulter said earlier in the program that "we have a bigger problem with child molesters" than with racism.

"I did say it’s less,” Coulter said. “Then when you say it's a lie, say, ‘When you say there is less racism in this country, that's an outright lie.’ And tell me it’s the same as back in Selma. Tell me that.”

“Actually, for New York City black-Latino males it's the same as Selma. Absolutely,” Powell replied.

"OK, there we go," Coulter said. "If that's the lie, I'll take that."

Powell then asked whether Coulter was a black or Latino male, saying she had no experience with the communities she was writing about.

"Am I a black male?" Coulter asked. Going back to her earlier joke, she said, "so in addition to being a child pornographer producing child porn, you're blind!"

Later, bringing the segment to the close, Behar said she had to go, "as much fun as this has been."

“Yes, it’s been fantastic,” Coulter said. “I’ve never been on with a child pornographer.”

“I’ve never been on with a homophobic, anti-Semite and a racist,” Powell responded. “Clearly you’re a racist.”

“You’re clearly a moron," Coulter replied. "But thanks, this was great.”

Watch below, via NewsBusters:

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