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Caption that photo!: The winner


The Winner:

"Let me see, is there a mercy rule?"-- THECROW2123


"I still can’t find Waldo…"-- IMPENITENT

"… I’ve lost my place again."-- LEADNOTFOLLOW

"I don’t see anywhere in this script where it says for Obama to get spanked."-- CANE4U

"Let’s see…Moderators To Go…hmmm…Debates ‘R Us…nooo…Ah, finally! Moderators Anonymous Helpline.”-- FEMALL

“Oh thank God – my retirement papers!”-- WOODYEE

"Marmaduke just isn’t funny anymore."-- SY KOSYS

“Let’s see here..Ah yes..Here it is…Rule #38b..Spamming your answers will result in automatic disqualification for Caption That Photo…”-- KICKINBACK

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