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False & Racist': Allen West's Wife & Daughter Defend Him in New Ad, Press Release


"...Allen is driven by one thing -- protecting the American dream for everybody."

It's not uncommon for political candidates to bring their spouses and children into the fold, particularly when their presence is viewed as a potential boost to a candidacy. Take, for instance, Rep. Allen West's (R-FL) wife, Angela, who is featured defending her husband in a new campaign advertisement. And his daughter, Angela, who stood up for her family in a recent press release.

"I do my best to ignore political mudslinging, but recent attacks on my husband go too far," Angela West says in the opening of the ad. "They have been called false and racist -- and that's not a word I use lightly."

After speaking out against purported attacks on her husband, she touted his character.

"Here's the truth about Allen. He's an amazing dad and a hero to our daughters," she continued. "He's dedicated his life to serving our country. And Allen is driven by one thing -- protecting the American dream for everybody."

Watch the ad, below:

West's daughter, too, has entered the campaign to defend her parents against political attacks. The Huffington Post has more:

In a press release issued by West's campaign, West's teenaged daughter Aubrey also responds to her father's critics.

"The recent attacks on my parents' character are downright wrong and false. This election should be focused on policies, not personal attacks on a family that sacrificed so much for their country. My father has been serving the people of the United States for 22 years. During that time I have had to watch my father leave to go fight wars to protect this country and the people who are spreading false and hurtful things about my parents," Aubrey says in a statement.

These responses from West's family members come after his campaign created a brutal ad attacking his Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy, highlighting a drunken arrest that unfolded years ago.



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