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Obamas happened to have waiter touched by Obamacare on anniversary


Speaking at a small campaign event for big donors in Los Angeles last night, President Obama shared this story about his anniversary date Saturday with Michelle. From the official transcript:

"Some of you are aware that -- well, all of you are aware that Michelle and I just celebrated our 20th anniversary.  (Applause.)  And the actual anniversary date was not that romantic.  (Laughter.)  There was some speculation as to whether this had an impact on my performance.  (Laughter.)  But I did make it up to her on Saturday.  We went out to dinner, a date night.  And it was a wonderful evening.  It was a private room, because people kind of lean over and start listening if we're in the booth next to them.  (Laughter.)  And Secret Service gets nervous.  (Laughter.)

"And we had this wonderful young waiter, and he brought us all our stuff, and he was patient with us as we were dawdling over the menu.  And we were milking it for all it was worth because we don't get out that often.  But at the end of the dinner -- it was very professional, very unobtrusive -- but at the end of the dinner he just said, I wanted to just say how much I appreciate you because you saved my mother's life -- because my mother had a stroke, she wasn’t yet qualifying for Medicare, and because of the Affordable Care Act, we were able to get her coverage that allows her to take her medicines and is keeping her alive.

"And it reminded me of why we do this.  I am a fairly competitive guy.  Clooney has played basketball with me.  (Laughter.)  And I don't like to lose -- especially not to actors.  (Laughter.)

There used to be this McDonald's commercial for children in which crazy scenarios happened and at the end, the kid in the ad would say "Hey, it could happen."


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