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Planned Parenthood President: Romney 'Trying So Hard to Mislead People' on Abortion Stance

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Mitt Romney

The president of Planned Parenthood on Wednesday blasted Mitt Romney's latest comment on abortion, saying he is "trying so hard to mislead people" about where he stands.

Romney on Tuesday told the Des Moines Register that abortion legislation won't be part of his agenda. Planned Parenthood Federation of America President Cecile Richards said the Republican presidential nominee has said repeatedly he would "be delighted" to sign a bill banning all abortions in the country, pledged to get rid of Planned Parenthood and blasted Roe v. Wade.

"The Romney campaign is trying so hard to mislead people," Richards said during an Obama campaign conference call with reporters. "This isn’t about flip-flopping, this is about distancing himself from positions he’s taken repeatedly.”

Drawing in GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan, Richards said the Wisconsin congressman is part of "one of the most anti-women Congresses in decades" that has attempted everything from "redefining rape" to so-called "personhood" legislation that would give a fertilized egg the same rights as a human being.

"These are things that his running mate Mr. Ryan has supported," Richards said.

She called it "troubling" that Romney is "so willing to play politics" on women's health issues.

"Women frankly just can't trust Mitt Romney and the American people can't trust him to be honest and direct about where he stands," Richards said.

Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter said "the real Mitt Romney will say anything to win."

“He’s trying to close the deal just like he did in the boardroom at Bain Capital,” Cutter said. "He's trying to cynically and dishonestly hide his real position but there's not hiding when you're president."

Romney campaign spokeswoman Andrea Saul said Tuesday Romney "is proudly pro-life and will be a pro-life president."



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