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Bill O'Reilly Confronts Actor Ben Affleck on Taxes: 'Do You Believe in Income Redistribution?


"[Obama's] major policy goal of changing the tax structure so that the wealthy pay their fair share, to me, is of towering importance."

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Fox News' Bill O'Reilly and actor Ben Affleck debated a variety of subjects on last night's "O'Reilly Factor." From taxes to Iran, the two -- who hold divergent views on a variety of subjects -- bantered back and forth on the issues of the day, while also discussing Affleck's new film, "Argo" (a film about a CIA mission to rescue Americans during the Iranian revolution).

"I don't worry too much about what my liberal friends are going to say," Affleck said about those who might take issue with "Argo" and his overt accolades to the U.S. intelligence community. "To me, I made a movie that my friends who are democrats and my friends who are republicans can both watch. It's not a political movie."

Of course, the interview quickly turned to political issues, as the 2012 presidential election is just weeks away. Affleck made it clear that he's a supporter of President Barack Obama and that he plans to vote for him in November. The movie star and director also heralded the president's proposals and actions on taxation and the stimulus.

"His major policy goal of changing the tax structure so that the wealthy pay their fair share, to me, is of towering importance," the actor said, going on to defend the stimulus as a necessity and "a good thing by-and-large."

O'Reilly countered by asking if Affleck, Do you believe in income redistribution?," a question that the entertainer countered by claiming that changing the tax code doesn't necessarily mean redistributing wealth. While the actor pointed out that the rates would merely be returning to what they were during Bill Clinton's presidency, this technically still remains -- in the eyes of conservatives -- redistribution.

As for Romney, the actor surprisingly issued some pleasantries for the former Massachusetts governor.

"I know Mitt Romney. I met him. Very pleasant guy, very nice guy," he told O'Reilly, however he said that he would "put money" on the fact that Obama is slated to win again in November.

Watch the interview, below:

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