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See Beck's Challenge to FreePAC Arizona: Are We a People 'Determined to Be Free'?


On Saturday night, Glenn Beck joined joined FreedomWorks to speak on the issues facing the country at FreePAC Arizona.  The crowd had spent a full day learning grassroots strategies to impact upcoming elections, and spent the evening listening to speakers that also included Dana Loesch, Matt Kibbe, and various elected officials.

Beck's speech began with a letter to George Washington, where he was told his "officers and men fought like men who are determined to be free."

But are we still those people, he asked?

We have a choice ahead of us, he says, and we must decide.  To help Americans think out of the box and rekindle the entrepreneurial spirit so deeply-rooted in America, Beck has started the "American Dream Labs," where people both think and do.  That is where progress is made, he believes-- with the American individual, not with the Washington politician.

After pointing out that while everyone is familiar with the concept of "the invisible hand," few know that Smith also said "there will be no wealth of nations if you're not a moral people first."  And when we try to judge what is right and wrong and the system disagrees, like we did before 9/11, we sit back and let the "experts" take care of everything.

But then insanity entered our world, and we woke up.

"We questioned things we didn’t understand and then even got to a point where we questioned those things we feared we did understand," Beck stated.  "And then we got to that place where didn’t know if we wanted to question anymore."

Many of us got more than we bargained for, Beck said, but despite how great it would be just to sit down and watch Survivor all day, we can't go back to sleep.

Relating the national narrative to his personal history of alcoholism, Beck said that while you may think you're dozing off into the American dream, it will be too late by the time you realize you're actually in the throes of an American nightmare.

At that point, Beck briefly turned the stage over to Kalai, who also performed at "Restoring Love."

Beck continued to say that what we believe will come to pass, and we need to decide whether our children will be better off than we were, and whether we will become increasingly dependent on government.

And those who are pushing back against the system shouldn't expect widespread support because, historically, that's not the way it happens.  The original Hebrew of Abraham's name means "other," and those who have changed the course of history have never led from the center.

In the current context, the world has been going the way of mass dependency, massive taxes, and international laws.

"And then you came in," Beck said to the crowd.  "A group of people who didn't even know each other five years ago got together and changed everything."

"And that's why the media pretends that you don't exist, pretends that what you have done in the last four years doesn't exist...You keep winning...!" Beck continued.  "They hate that!  And they've turned the country's elite against you...they've done it before, they did it to Abraham, they did it to Washington, they did it to Lincoln, they did it to Reagan...oh well!"

When you speak the truth, Beck said, many will look you in the eyes and call you a liar.  So what you have to do is remember how you got there.  Stick to the truth, and remember that while you may not when a popularity contest, American morals "never go out of style."

Here is video of Beck's entire speech, via FreedomWorks (skip to around 21 minutes):

"Anybody who's ever changed the world-- they were most likely a loner, an outcast, a misfit, or-- my favorite-- a visionary," he joked.

But just because things eventually come your way doesn't mean you can sit back and wait for the tide of history to swing in your direction again, Beck cautioned.  "This is the time you were born for, this is the time you grab history and shape it for yourself, just like every generation of Americans in the past.  If you want to do something great, you have to be bold, and you have to be principled."

Beck then told the crowd that-- among the other things Americans were the first at-- we were the first to say that a man's work and a man's ideas belong to him.  According to Abraham Lincoln, this is the fire of invention.

And though not all ideas necessarily come at the right time-- or even on purpose-- Beck reiterated that hard work and innovation are cornerstones of the country.

"That’s how America is.  We love the dreamers-- we always have-- and the inventors and the people who see an opportunity around every corner.  We are the people who cured polio and HIV, sent a man to the moon, watered the desert, and made our great plains into the breadbasket of the world."

But now, Beck said, that idea is threatened greed-- people wanting what you have."

He explained: "Too many Americans look at success and they are jealous.  They see what others have, what others have earned, and they say: 'I want that too!'  But instead of working for it, instead of developing their own ideas...They just go and take it."

"This election is about whether the American people will stand up and say enough!  Enough with the greed, enough with the class warfare...let's rebuild America!  A society that builds and prospers, that cares for those who still struggle.  We can't be a country that settles into the middle of a mushy mediocrity."

After saying how many things have never happened in the history of America until now, Beck reiterated how important this election is.  And while the problems won't be solved with politicians, they certainly can inflict a lot of damage.

"The sky is still wide open and there is no telling what waits just over the horizon for those who dare to dream and do," Beck said.  And so, referencing Washington's letter, he declared: "Let us behave like men who are determined to be free."

Let's stand for something again, and have the world say, "Oh thank goodness, America-- it's good to see you back."

This isn't a three week thing, Beck cautioned, this is just the beginning.

Beck concluded his speech:

"But at the end of the day, we will hold up our hands and we will say these are the hands of a free man, these are the hands of Americans, these are the hands that built and re-built the world.  This is your moment, this is the American moment, this is the moment we get up off the mat and give a knock-out punch to the bullies of the world, and set man free once again.  God bless and long live the American Republic."



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