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The 100 Most Offensive, Controversial & Iconic Newsweek Covers In History


A window into the past of this iconic American magazine and its downfall.

The Newsweek Magazine presses will grind to a halt in less than two months, ending an era of print journalism that spanned three-quarters of a century.  This move also means the end of the highly controversial Newsweek cover that the publication has become known for.  No more will we be able to see the Presidents "gaylo" or the "crazy eyes" of Michelle Bachmann staring at us from the stands of the supermarket check-out isle.  The end of the magazine might come as a relief to some but radical journalism was not always the Newsweek way.  Newsweek holds a storied history, covering some of the most important events of the last 80 years.  Here are some highlights, and a window into the past of this iconic American magazine and its downfall.


First edition, 1933


The Magazine started off smart


Newsweek had great World War II Coverage & Consequence














They loved Christmas...



...and cheered the troops in Korea

Who doesn't love Lucy?


Or the Founding Fathers?



 The Kennedys were Newsweek fixtures






 The Space Race received over two dozen covers






Some spooks...

The State of Israel & their struggles





 The Beatles received recognition




 And The Monkeys did, too



 Nixon got his due




Cultural revolution was always a cover-winner

















 It hated tax hikes and rising oil prices at one time





 Reagan was a Newsweek cover favorite




 Why not?











 & Triumph




 Christianity was always a controversial cover




But it was the political covers and scandals that created the infamous Newsweek brand we know today















 It loved comparing Republican front-runners to wimps





 But this was not the first time a Romney was on the cover

But ultimately, Newsweek seemed most obsessed with Palin





 R.I.P Newsweek covers


All photos credited to the Newsweek Archivist 

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