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Here Are The Highlights From the FreePAC Rally in Orlando: 'Our Long National Nightmare Is About to Be Over


• Beck: "You are about to create something that they will talk about for generations." • Napolitano: The Constitution was created to "keep the government off the people's backs." • Wilkow: "There's no such thing as a tax cut...There are tax rates, they can either be raised or lowered."

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On Friday evening, Glenn Beck joined FreedomWorks and some of the biggest names of the conservative movement for the second installment of a two-part FreePAC event in Florida. In addition to Beck, who gave a moving and powerful keynote speech, TheBlazeTV's Andrew Wilkow, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Matt Kibbe and Deneen Borelli all graced the stage and delivered positive and freedom-driven messages.

Following a grassroots training session about getting out the vote and encouraging other Americans to participate in the upcoming election, the event culminated with the star-studded set of speakers.

Beck's keynote speech focused on the future of America's "Freedom Movement" and the country's entrepreneurial spirit, which the conservative media mogul says is making a comeback, despite opposition coming from big government progressives.

"Can you feel it?" Beck said to cheers. "Our long national nightmare is about to be over."

Beck's message wasn't as much about what's wrong with America, but rather what's right with America. He said America will win, not because God is on our side but because "we are on God's side."

"They won't give up their power without a fight, but a fight is what they are going to get," Beck said to cheers.

Interspersed throughout Beck's address, musician Kalai played some of his most popular songs.

(Photo credit: George Lange)

(Photo credit: George Lange)

(Photo credit: George Lange)

Beck spoke about the true spirit of America, who we really are as a nation. He praised former President Ronald Reagan, Holocaust hero Dietrich Bonhoffer and Abraham Lincoln, who all share one common, extraordinary trait: unthinkable courage.

"You are about to create something that they will talk about for generations. A historic sweep of this nation," Beck said. "Can I get an amen?"

Watch Beck's keynote speech here (at around 50:00):

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Judging from the reaction on Twitter during and following the event, Beck's speech, and the event in general, was real hit:

(Photo credit: George Lange)

(Photo credit: George Lange)

Always a strong speaker, Judge Napolitano received a standing ovation for his passionate speech about the original intent of our founding documents and why Americans must fight to preserve its principles, with an emphasis on the importance of freedom of speech.

"Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech," Napolitano began, later saying the Constitution was created to keep the government "off the people's backs."

The Judge railed against the Patriot Act and big government at the FreePAC rally, telling the crowd that "our rights come from God not government."

Napolitano lamented that "everything thing government has doesn't work," including Social Security, Amtrak, Medicaid and Medicare. He told the story about the government taking over the "Mustang Ranch" because the people running it weren't paying their taxes. Spoiler alert: they "ran it into the ground."

"So the same government that can't supply hookers and boos to truckers in the desert wants to manage health care," he added, a knock on "Obamacare."

Napolitano got the crowd completely fired up for TheBlazeTV's Andrew Wilkow who later wowed the audience with his trademark wit and common sense straight-talk style. A lot of his speech focused on the misconceptions about the government's role in everyday life.

In one of his best received lines, Wilkow said "there's no such thing as a tax cut. What is a tax cut? It doesn't exist. There are tax rates. They can either be raised or lowered."

TheBlazeTV host also blasted the class warfare that seems to be poisoning American politics today, with Occupy Wall Street supposedly fighting against the "evil" 1 percent.

"When you say the 1 percent of whatever it is, when you get rid of the rich people, somebody else has to become the rich person. So whoever that is, he's the bad guy. I hope it's not you," Wilkow concluded.

Watch Napolitano and Wilkow's (and others) speeches below:

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(Photo credit: George Lange)

Behind the scenes with Glenn Beck (Photo credit: George Lange)

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