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Obama '08 Debate: 'There Has Never Been A Country On Earth That Saw It's Economy Decline and Yet Maintained It's Military Superiority


"So this is a national security issue."


The final presidential debate airs tonight and it will be solely about foreign policy. Back in 2008, Obama tied foreign policy and security failures to a weakening American economy, which he called a "national security issue":

"We have weakened our capacity to project power around the world because we have viewed everything through this single lens, not to mention, look at our economy. We are now spending $10 billion or more every month.

And that means we can't provide health care to people who need it. We can't invest in science and technology, which will determine whether or not we are going to be competitive in the long term.

There has never been a country on Earth that saw its economy decline and yet maintained its military superiority. So this is a national security issue."

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