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Wilkow!:' Does Legislative Wording Protect ObamaCare's IPAB From a Potential Romney Repeal?


If Mitt Romney is elected president, Obamacare's days are numbered and the government is back out of health care day one--right? Maybe not. Investor's Business Daily reports Monday that the wording in the health law enacted under President Obama "makes it virtually impossible to get rid of its Independent Payment Advisory Board," which critics argue violates Congress's constitutional powers.

"ObamaCare's IPAB will recommend changes to Medicare payments in years that the mammoth health care program exceeds spending targets. Congress can override IPAB decisions, but only if it comes up with equivalent savings.

IPAB cuts likely will generate major opposition from seniors, doctors and others, but lawmakers could only repeal the unelected panel in a tiny window in 2017. Many say that imposes unconstitutional restraints on Congress."

On "Wilkow!" Tuesday, Michael Cannon on the CATO Institute described Obamacare's IPAB provision as possibly the "most anti-constitutional law that congress has ever passed." Watch a clip form Tuesday's show below:

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