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NYC Fire Department Considers Food Trucks Potential Terrorist Threat


"questionable sanitary conditions."

You might consider your local food truck a fast and welcome change to your usual lunch routine, or even a quick, easy-to-access source for an afternoon pick me up, but safety authorities in New York say these trucks have the potential to be dangerous vessels with nefarious intent.

According to a PowerPoint by the Fire Department of New York posted by Public Intelligence, among the many hazards food trucks can present are terrorist threats.

Emeril Lagasse serves Gumbo from a food truck to guests before he Launches New High-Performance Kitchen Collection At JCPENNEY at Greeley Square Park on April 4, 2012 in New York City. (Photo: Donald Bowers/Getty Images for JCPENNEY)

As the slides point out, food trucks are often in high-traffic, high-profile locations -- often close to high-rise office buildings -- making them potentially useful to terrorist activity by giving them access to these desirable spots. FDNY also calls up an unnamed document from the Department of Homeland Security that has considered the long-term surveillance coverage food trucks could provide for terrorists.

(Image via Public Intelligence)

Not only that but with 3,100 permits for stands and trucks to sell food and drinks on the city's streets, this has also opened up a "black market" to obtain permits. They are also mentioned as potentially being a transient hazard, presumably for firefighters rushing to help those in need.

(Image via Public Intelligence)

On a more likely topic for firefighters, there is also a list of hazards that they could face when it comes to food truck fires. These include propane cylinders, hot fryer oils and "questionable sanitary conditions."

(H/T: Gizmodo)

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