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Ann Romney Reveals How She Feeds 30 for Under $5 Each


"Can you beat that?"

Ann Romney appeared on Rachael Ray Thursday. (Photo: Facebook/The Rachael Ray Show)

While her presidential hopeful husband Gov. Mitt Romney spends the last couple weeks before the election working the campaign trail, Ann Romney is making more light-hearted appearances on daytime television shows to shed light on the softer side of the GOP candidate.

Most recently, Romney appeared on The Rachael Ray Show where she revealed not only some of her husband's favorite foods but also shared how he's not a picky eater and how she's able to feed their entire family for less than $5 per person.

Ann Romney appeared on Rachael Ray Thursday. (Photo: Facebook/The Rachael Ray Show)

With five children who have youngsters of their own adding up to 30 people, buying enough food at a reasonable price might seem like a tough task. But Romney on the show revealed her secret: Costco. At the bulk food store, Romney provided tips including the importance of a "game plane" and if you're going to buy a rotisserie chicken -- "every cook's best friend" -- you should pick it up at the end of your shopping trip so the rest of your food doesn't get hot.

Romney spent $137.50 at Costco, but it's enough to feed everyone for about $4.58. The meal included creamed spinach, rotisserie chicken, honey mustard, butternut squash and frozen cream puffs for dessert.

Mr. Romeny's favorite, his wife shared, is meatloaf. On the show, she dug her hands in herself and shared the secret ingredient -- lemon juice -- to making her famous meatloaf cakes, which she has been cooking for 43 years. As Ray pointed out, the lemon adds a "brightness" that meatloaf usually doesn't have.

Romney made her meatloaf into small cakes, instead of the traditional single loaf, which Ray said helps speed the cooking process. Get the recipe here.

Watch this clip:

Aside from eating "anything you put in front of him," Romney went on to share other things with Ray and the audience that she feels makes her husband so special. When she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and was having a particularly tough time with fatigue that prevented her from cooking, Mr. Romney said, "I don't care if I eat cereal and toast for the rest of my life, as long as we're together we're going to be OK."

During a later segment on the show, Ray asked random questions during "Romney Roulette," including what Mrs. Romney's most embarrassing moment was. She responded saying that she once walked in on George Bush while he was having a massage.

"Can you beat that?" Romney asked.

Watch this trailer showing highlights from Romney's appearance on the show here.

(H/T: Daily Mail)

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