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How Is the Mainstream Media Covering Friday's Major Libya News? We Checked, and It Might Depress You


"Frankenstorm" trumps Libya?

With new revelations about the Obama administration's role in the Benghazi terror attack unfolding moment by moment, one might assume that all media outlets great and small would be focused on this major story -- especially given that Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty and an additional civil servant lost their lives despite the fact that there were three requests for assistance during the siege and were, in the end, told to "stand down."

TheBlaze thought it might be prudent to review mainstream U.S. news outlets to see which stories are making their front pages. For TheBlaze, the debacle in Libya has been front and center. So, too, for FoxNews' website and Jake Tapper's blog on ABC (but not ABC's "front page"). All other front pages of major news outlets have seemed to relegate the travesty in Libya and the administration's botched handling of the terror attack to nothing but fine print. As you will see, "Frankenstorm" takes center stage.

Below are screenshots of these front page headlines taken Friday afternoon (October 26). In this instance, a screenshot is worth a thousand words:













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