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Debunked: Here's the Explanation for the 'Made in China' Romney Hat You're Seeing on Facebook

(Photo: Facebook via Buzzfeed)

Both of the presidential candidates for the upcoming election say they will fight for business that will keep and create jobs in the United States. And they're trying to practice what they preach already with promotional items in their online stores boasting "Made in the USA" labels. But a viral photo showing a Romney hat with "Made in China" stamped on the tag has led some to criticize and others to find the facts.

The photo going viral online (see below) compares a Romney/Ryan hat's tag to that of an Obama logo hat. The GOP candidate's hat in blurry text says Made in China while the president's hat was made in America.

(Photo: Facebook via Buzzfeed)

The Waffles at Noon blog points out this other hat (below) that's on the Web as well.

(Photo via Waffles at Noon)

But not everything is as it seems.

Consider: There are two $30 baseball hats on the MittRomney.com store -- one of them add's Ryan above the bill -- and both of them boast being American made. So either the website is falsely advertising, the hats in the viral images are not official, or the photos have been altered. It should be noted the colors available for the Romney hat is only blue, while Romney/Ryan is made in red, white or blue. None of them are made in tan. The officially sold hats also don't have the text "President 2012" above the bill.

One of the two official Romney hats. (Photo: store.mittromney.com)

Romney/Ryan hat, which also comes in red and white. (Photo: store.mittromney.com)

Romney campaign spokesperson Andrea Saul confirmed to Buzzfeed that all official apparel sold on the MittRomney.com stores is made in the USA.

A Made in the USA tag on an official Romney/Ryan hat. (Photo: http://Romney%20campaign via Buzzfeed)

As the Waffles at Noon blog puts it, with a bounty of unofficial merchandise being sold for both campaigns, "it’s not fair to either candidate to blame him for unofficial 'Made in China' products that he didn’t endorse."


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