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Washington Post enjoys a brief moment without politics


An editorial in today's Washington Post offered praise to both the left and right for abandoning politics ahead of Hurricane Sandy making landfall.

"The divisions that seemed so raw and apparent just a few days before — between red and blue, Republican and Democratic, liberal and conservative — didn’t seem so urgent with everyone looking into the eye of Hurricane Sandy," the editorial said."We trust that spirit will hold through the remainder of the storm — and what may be a difficult recovery afterward."

That's pleasant. But time on Cloud 9 was short lived.

Though New York and New Jersey were perhaps hit hardest by the hurricane, Mitt Romney held a "storm relief" event in swing-state Ohio. (Yes, it would have been disruptive for him to motorcade into a devastated area, but come on... Ohio.)

President Obama sent out an email via his campaign that said, "Soon enough we'll need to get back to work on the most important campaign of our lifetime." Thank God!

The New York Times published an editorial this morning headlined "A Big Storm Requires Big Government." The piece said Romney wants to "eliminate" government-sponsored disaster relief. This editorial ran while many rescuers were working non-stop for 28 hours, as one said on CNN today.

And the headlines referencing the "perfect storm" for every nationally-recognized politician were everywhere ("Obama's perfect storm," "Chris Christie's perfect storm.")

Wishful thinking, Post. It was fun while it lasted.

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