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Heartbreaking: Starving New Yorkers Reduced to Dumpster Diving in Sandy's Aftermath


"We've seen everyone here, from the elderly to families with children..."

The situation in New York City in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy is dire. Some have gone days without power, water or even food as the superstorm brought the nation's busiest city to a standstill.

Just how bad is it? WNBC actually found New Yorkers dumpster diving behind a Key Food supermarket Thursday, searching for any remnants of food they could find.

WNBC reporter Jonathan Vigliotti said people are "so hungry they literally pried open this dumpster -- you see that door open right now -- and they are literally picking through for whatever they can take home with themselves."

"We've seen everyone here from the elderly, to families with children, literally up on top of this," he added.

Watch the heartbreaking video below:

Featured image via WNBC

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