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New Romney ad shows Virginia small business victim of Obamanomics


Can we afford four more years?

The folks at Bill's Barbecue in Richmond, Va., couldn't afford the last four. Recently, the family owned eatery closed its doors after more than 75 years in business.

"President Obama promised things were going to change, but we're not better of than we were four years ago," the Romney camp says.

Did President Obama cause Bill's Barbecue to close?  Probably not.  But it's clear -- in Virginia and many other states across the country -- that policies like Obama's which punish businesses continue to hurt our economy.


In a world where Starbucks and McDonald's sit on every urban corner, it's sad to see another mom & pop business close up shop.  The reviews online suggest Bill's will be missed by the locals.

Carl S. in Winchester, Va., writes:

I just heard that they shut down, to bad. every time I was in town I would buy 8lbs. of BBQ and tons of sauce to take back home in Winchester, Va. I still remember when they would come out to the car and serve you. Anyone know where I could get the recipe on how they cooked the pork and their sauce. Boy I'm going to miss them!!!

Thomas C. in Richmond:

Bill's Virginia BBQ is a TRUE Icon of Richmond.  Why?  Because many many BBQ joints have come and gone, and after 85 years of Restaurant Service... They are still here...  Many say they do not like Bill's BBQ because of the BBQ.  Well, after 85 years, someone does.... and I like their BBQ!   Bills was a HOPING (sic) place back in the 50s and 60s as I remember.   We drove our Muscle Cars around the lot with loud music playing while the girls ran out to your car with a tray in hand.

Friday and Sat. nights, the place to be was Bills BBQ.   Their BBQ after all of these years has not changed and they cook it the same.  Yes, there are other BBQ places in town, but ask yourself...  how long will they be, as Bills is doing something right.

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