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Great news: Fictional cartoon billionaire endorses Mitt Romney


Well this certainly should've been predictable:

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg just gave his coveted endorsement to President Barack Obama, but another rich guy is coming out for GOP challenger Mitt Romney. Too bad he’s a cartoon. And no, we’re not talking about Donald Trump.  In a new video, “The Simpsons’” Mr. Burns makes his choice clear, calling Romney a “Mormon mensch,” and announcing his decision with binders full of women by his side.


The Simpsons haven't been shy about their liberal bias.  They've taken repeated jabs at Fox News and Fox News viewers, labeling both as crazy racists.  They've also mocked Glenn Beck in a show segment that actually made Glenn chuckle.

What's really funny to me is that these stereotypical cartoon caricatures of Republicans are actually in line with the way most liberals I know think of Republicans and conservatives.

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