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Sick Vid: 'Big Bird' Punches 'Romney' in Face...During School Performance


"I got somebody for you, Mr. Romney! Mr. Big Bird is in the house!"

(Photo: YouTube)

Ever since Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney said he would cut funding to PBS and Sesame Street if elected, the left has championed Big Bird as a way to verbally attack him.  Now, video uploaded to YouTube by the Texas Sports Center takes it a step further, showing Mitt Romney being punched in the face by the iconic character during a school halftime performance.

According to the Texas Sports Center, the the Beaumont Central High School marching band decided to have a political "dance-off" instead of a more traditional show, and the director began by asking whether everyone is going to vote on Tuesday.

After "Obama," identified as the athletic youth in the white shirt, dances and does a back flip, the beloved Sesame Street character taps a young man wearing a Mitt Romney mask on the shoulder.

"Wait a minute, I got somebody for you, Mr. Romney!" the announcer calls.  "Mr. Big Bird is in the house! Big Bird!"

"Romney" then moves out of the screen while Big Bird does a brief dance, but when he comes back Big Bird decks him in the jaw, sending him straight to the ground.

Here are some still shots:

(Photo: YouTube)

(Photo: YouTube)

(Photo: YouTube)

Though the political bias is pretty clear based on the captured video, the Texas Sports Center adds that Romney also did a dance of his own.

"Tasteless inappropriate influence of and use of high school students," one commenter concluded, while another said it was "beyond the bounds of decent taste."

But the Texas Sports Center asks: "Was this halftime show political or silly?"

What do you think?

(H/T: Joe Pags)



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