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Twitter Pushes Back After Misleading Reuters Tweet: 'One Lie Too Far


"Hey @Reuters? Your bias is showing"

In a sterling example of how radically social media has altered the political landscape since 2008, conservatives on Twitter are pushing back against perceived media bias in a coordinated, rapid manner after Reuters wrote what some are calling a misleading article about President Obama's recent "revenge" comments.

The title was tweeted by Reuters' Top News account: "As campaign roars to close, Romney and Obama talk 'revenge'"

(Photo: Twitter/@Reuters)

Though the Reuters article isn't technically inaccurate, many were disappointed to find that the title equates President Obama's and Mitt Romney's comments-- though ​Obama​ was the one to speak of voting for revenge, and Romney merely responded.

Twitter user Todd Kincannon, a South Carolina conservative who says he "dabbles" in politics, was so disgusted that he encouraged people to block Reuters as a way to show large media outlets that they can't keep spinning the truth and retain a large audience.

Twitter users across the country began blocking the news network almost immediately, and the hashtag #BlockReuters began to circulate.

Twitchy captured some of the first tweets, mixed in with a few of our own:

(Photo: Twitter/@J_Kane)

(Photo: Twitter/@caseykim12)

(Photo: Twitter/@AllianceCMattox)

(Photo: Twitter/@

(Photo: Twitter/@Mitzi Ritzi)

(Photo: Twitter/@amycrwc)

(Photo: Twitter/@demsRliars)

(Photo: Twitter/@TheKevinCody)

According to Kincannon, who also aggregated many of the Twitter handles of those who wrote to say they'd followed his lead, droves have already blocked Reuters since Saturday.

People are still weighing in on the controversy, and some are even suggesting blocking news agencies like MSNBC over their admitted biases.

Others, however -- while under no illusions about media bias in American politics-- are uneasy with blocking opposing points of view.  Still, those who are blocking the network aren't calling for such agencies to be shut down, they just won't be contributing to their success.

What do you think?

Here are some more recent tweets:

(Photo: Twitter/@gretchininTN)

(Photo: Twitter/@EdenRoseArcher)

(Photo: Twitter/@s_dog)

(Photo: Twitter/@LA_Republican)



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