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Real News:' How Can the GOP Change Their Relationship With Latino-Americans?


Back in August, the Republican National Convention showcased a number of high-profile hispanic conservatives like New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Puerto Rico Governor Luis Fortuno and then candidate, now Texas Senator, Ted Cruz. Despite a trend of rising young conservative stars from the Hispanic community, Mitt Romney and the Republican Party failed in featuring strong, clear and appealing positions on effective immigration reform, in part leading to President Barack Obama taking over 70 percent of the Latino vote. Romney did worse among the growing ethnic group than John McCain did in 2008.With large hispanic communities in key swing states like Florida and Colorado, it's clear that Republicans need a new approach for appealing to the growing constituency.

Laura Ramirez Drain, Executive Director of HispanicVote.com, joined 'Real News' Wednesday to discuss how the GOP can get back to making positive gains with Hispanic-Americans as they did during the Bush and Reagan Administrations. What did Mitt Romney do wrong? Where can the GOP look to change course:

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