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Cubans in America vs. Cuban-Americans


The Wall Street Journal points out an interesting divide in voting among America's Cuban population -- those born in Cuba tilt right while those born in America tilt left.

Specifically, Cuban-born voters living in Florida voted Tuesday for Mitt Romney, 55% to 45%.  But, American-born Cubans voted overwhelmingly for President Obama, 60% to 40%.  One of those Cuban-Americans summed up the difference between the divided voting blocs:

Like many Cuban-Americans here, Mark Blanco says he grew up in a strictly Republican family that revered Ronald Reagan and reliably voted for GOP candidates every election.

So he says his grandfather fumed when Mr. Blanco told him he was casting a ballot for President Barack Obama on Election Day. "He was very heated and red in the face," said Mr. Blanco, 33 years old. "He thinks Obama is a socialist."


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