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This Woman Lost Her Job Over a Facebook Post -- And You Won't Believe What She Said About Obama


"I don't understand what I did wrong."

Denise Helms (FOX40)

An outrageous Facebook post, calling President Barack Obama "the n***er" and referencing his assassination, has cost a California women her job and reputation after the disgusting message went viral.

Denise Helms, of Turlock, Calif., reportedly set the post to "private" on her Facebook page, but someone snapped an image and put it on Twitter.


The message got the attention of the Secret Service and her employer, Cold Stone Creamery. She was promptly fired and the company spent much of Thursday responding to angry tweets about the woman's post," FOX40 reports.

“This employee is no longer w/the (sic) company & her disgraceful and completely unacceptable comments do not reflect our views,” the company tweeted via its official Twitter account.

Helms had deleted her post and deactivated her Facebook account, but the damage was done.

Denise Helms (FOX40)

What may be even more disturbing than her post, is the fact that she initially didn't appear to be remorseful at all.

"I don't understand what I did wrong," she told FOX40.

However, she later admitted that what she said was "wrong." Helms also argued that she is not a racist and said she doesn't really want Obama to be assassinated because, after all,  he "does have two kids."

“I think I was just really upset, and (the post) just kind of came out,” Helms said.

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