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Alec Baldwin: 2012 Signals End of 'White, Middle Aged, Christian Male' Power


Alec Baldwin might play high-flying conservative executive Jack Donaghy on the hit show "30 Rock," but don't let that fool you - the actor himself is an acid-tongued liberal. And with a recent tweet, Baldwin has simultaneously reminded us just how sharp his tongue can be and how shrill his liberalism can be.

Tweeting at former actress and current conservative pundit Janine Turner, Baldwin took his turn as the most recent liberal to gloat over the victory of President Barack Obama. However, Baldwin's reason for this gloating may strike some as more than a little odd.

For those who are unfamiliar, this is what Alec Baldwin looks like:

Seeing as Baldwin was reportedly raised a Roman Catholic and is clearly a white, middle-aged man, he appears to be celebrating the downfall of people like himself. He's entitled to do so, of course, but it may still strike some observers as more than a little odd, or possibly even self-hating.

(H/T: WeaselZippers)

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