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What is wrong with California?


It's a loaded question, I know. But it must be asked, especially in light of today's news out of LA:

The City of Los Angeles has become the largest in the country to formally endorse the campaign “Meatless Mondays,” which encourages people to go without meat one day each week.

The motion was introduced by councilwoman Jan Perry with councilman Ed Reyes, according to the Meatless Monday campaign website, and was unanimously approved by the city council to in order to “support of comprehensive sustainability efforts as well as to further encourage residents to eat a more varied plant-based diet to protect their health and protect animals.”

Fox News contributor Juan Williams has only good things to say about California and even insists that the rest of us could learn a thing or two from them.  Ha, ok.

California is an ongoing experiment of failure these days -- now, even worse.  Despite the state's deepening fiscal hole, rising taxes and exodus of businesses, voters are continuing to trust all political capital in the ideology that has gotten to them to where they are today:

The nation’s most populous state – home to 1 in 8 Americans – has entered a period of Democratic political control so far-reaching that the dwindling number of Republicans in the Legislature are in danger of becoming mere spectators at the statehouse.

Democrats hold the governorship and every other statewide office. They gained even more ground in Tuesday’s elections, picking up at least three congressional seats while votes continue to be counted in two other tight races – in one upset, Democrat Raul Ruiz, a Harvard-educated physician who mobilized a district’s growing swath of Hispanic voters, pushed out longtime Republican Rep. Mary Bono Mack.

The party also secured a supermajority in one, and possibly both, chambers in the Legislature.

What could go wrong?

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