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Pelosi 'aware enough, 'sensitive enough' to call on female reporter


Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm saw "great" leadership in House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's decision to call on a female reporter instead of a male reporter yesterday.

"It exemplifies why Nancy Pelosi is such a great leader," Granholm said on her Current TV show The War Room last night. "Because leadership is exercised in decisions large and small. It would have been an easy decision to default to the louder [male] questioner. But instead, she was aware enough, she was sensitive enough to call upon the female reporter."

Granholm continued, suggesting that Pelosi saw herself in the female reporter. "Maybe because Nancy Pelosi unconsciously saw in her the hopes of all those young women out there who are talked over in meetings or in the classroom. She saw her because undoubtedly she has been her."

Watch here.

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