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Real News': Reviewing Ron Paul's Legacy and the Future of Libertarianism in the GOP


Retiring Rep. Ron Paul gave his farewell address yesterday from the floor, bringing an end to over two decades in Congress and a career that featured three presidential campaigns. The libertarian stalwart's over 45-minute address summed up the major causes throughout his career: an unabridged defense of liberty, commitment to peace at all costs, defamation of taxes, and a call for monetary policy reform. Detractors took Paul's feelings along the lines of: the government is broken, and Congress is a bunch of psychopathic authoritarians.

Still, it's difficult for critics to argue for another Congressman of Paul's generation that has had such a profound ideological influence on the electorate. With his son Rand Paul now in the Senate with like minded colleagues such as Mike Lee and Ted Cruz, its clear that Rep. Paul's ideas will still be argued for in Washington for some time to come. On 'Real News' Thursday the panel discussed the Texas Congressman's legacy and the future of libertarian ideas within the Republican Party.

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