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Apparently, This Is the Most Anti-Obama County in America


"I thought he sounded more like a dictator than a president."

Yep, according to CNN, King County, Texas, is the least Obama-friendly county in the nation.

“What do you think of Barack Obama’s first term?” CNN’s Gary Tuchman asked one of the King County residents.

“It ain’t worth a damn,” the man responded. “None of it good at all. Don’t agree with anything he done.”

The president is so disliked in the county, in fact, that during the 2012 presidential election, he received only five votes. Yes, in a county with a population of about 255, only five people voted for President Obama.

This means King County holds the distinction of being the county where President Obama received the lowest vote percentage.

“If you could tell Barack Obama to do one thing,” Tuchman said to another resident, “what would you tell him?”

“To resign,” the resident laughingly responded.

CNN decided to ask a few King County residents why President Obama is so unpopular there.

“I thought he sounded more like a dictator than a president,” one woman said.

“Anytime anything goes wrong, he just blames it on Bush,” another said.

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