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Van Jones Said What?! The Tea Party Is One of 'Most Impressive Citizen Movements In History of Country' But...


President Obama's former green jobs czar Van Jones went on "Anderson Cooper 360" Wednesday to discuss the fallout from the presidential elections and the demographic problems facing the Republican party. When the topic of the Tea Party came up, Jones was rather candid in his assessment. He called the Tea Party "one of the most impressive citizen movements in history of country" adding that they should be spoken of "with a certain amount of respect."

Jones then turned the conversation, noting that the Tea Party has "been harmful to the GOP."  The reason?  "Some of the style and tone of the Tea Party has been very offensive to people of color and women" Jones says.  He notes that this hurts the Republicans demographically as the party looks to grow.  Jones concludes by reiterating that it would be a "mistake" for Democrats to not work with the Tea Party caucus.

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