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SNL: The Real Chris Christie Shows Up to Not Thank 'Stupid Mayors' or the Reporters Who Stood Outside During Sandy



New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie stopped by "Saturday Night Live" to discuss the ongoing cleanup efforts from Hurricane Sandy -- and also to not thank "stupid mayors" who ignored his evacuation orders or the reporters who stood outside in the storm.

Christie, in his now-iconic "governor" fleece, had kind words for the Red Cross, first responders and for his wife "who put up with a husband who has smelled like a wet fleece for the past three weeks."

"I do not thank any of the stupid mayors who ignored my evacuation orders, they're idiots!" Christie said, a reference to his run-in with the mayor of Atlantic City.

"I also do not want to thank the reporters that put themselves in danger, you know, by walking into the middle of the hurricane with their cameras," he continued. "We don't need you to tell us there's a hurricane. We have windows."

CNN's Ali Velshi earned criticism for standing out in the middle of an increasingly rising street and getting buffeted by the wind and rain for hours on end.

"Finally, I do not want to thank the people who are getting in screaming matches at gas stations over the long lines," Christie said. "I get it, screaming at people in gas stations is a New Jersey tradition, but don't do it during a crisis. There'll be plenty of time for yelling once this is all over."

Christie closed with quoting from a "famous New Jersey poet" -- rocker Bruce Sprinsteen -- to which SNL's Seth Myers said he wasn't sure he'd classify Springsteen as a poet.

"You're right, he's more of a saint," Christie said.

Christie may have hinted about the surprise appearance on Friday, when he told a reporter he wasn't answering a question about the maker of Twinkies going out of business because, "I'm on Saturday Night Live enough."

Watch below, via NBC:

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