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Obama received boost in positive news coverage in last week of campaign: study


A new Pew study says that in the last week of the election, President Obama received a surge in positive attention from the news media:

When it came to mainstream news coverage, a leading cause of Obama's more upbeat narrative in the last week was that the horse-race coverage about his campaign-stories focused on strategy, polls and the question of who is winning-became more positive: 37% were clearly favorable in tone while 16% were unfavorable. That is considerably more upbeat than it had been for most of the final two months of the campaign.

Surprisingly, the study found no evidence to suggest that the positive boost in the campaign coverage's tone had anything to do with Hurricane Sandy. It does say, however, that a shift in focus from Mitt Romney to the storm my have had an adverse effect on his candidacy, thus benefiting Obama.

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